At the beginning, we plan to put the URL of the pages dedicated to the MINI, but fortunately for us the information is overflowing. Alone it is necessary to type the magic words ‘Mini Cooper’ in any search engines to check it. For it, we have decided to indicate only those that highlight for some particular reason with a brief comment. As in all our WEB, we would thank new contributions.


Club Mini France There are many files with really full of informations (130 Mb of compressed files), feel free to use them as you wish.
The Mini WWW Directory This address is one of those that made us reconsider this section for that of: "Don't lose the time in inventing that other they have already made it." There are classifications and it is relatively easy to find what we look for.
Mini Cooper Not alone we indicate it to be John Cooper our Honorary President, but for the temptations that arise if we have silly money. We recommended the technic information.
Mini World A great magazine.
British Mini Club A important Mini Club Other important site. They have many services to offer the Mini enthusiast. Information in French. Full information of IMM 2001.


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